About us

Overmax is a consumer electronics company, which for years has made everyday life easier and guaranteed interesting entertainment. At the heart of our attention is the fulfilment of your needs. We study them carefully and recognise them accurately, while remaining alert and open to new challenges. We have been active since 2005, which has allowed us to develop modern, top quality and reliable solutions. We also offer a very good price, which makes us the best choice on the market.

One of the things we offer is semi-professional drones, thanks to which you can record an event from a bird's eye view or check out the chosen area in just a few moments! Our remote controlled RC cars are both toy, hobby and performance models, so they can be enjoyed by children, teenagers and adults. We have also prepared high-quality audio and consumer electronics (portable speakers and LED projectors), portable breathalysers oraz and Smart&Safe products (functional IP cameras and smart sockets). These are modern solutions for the home, office or commercial premises that work every day.

Over the years, Overmax equipment has gained recognition among customers in Germany, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Join the group of satisfied users!