Professional bird's eye view – accessible to everyone 

For the less and more experienced – for anyone who just wants to try sky drone flying! The Overmax brand once again comes with easy-to-use and affordable solutions. You can take the compact drones with you anywhere, while the state-of-the-art brushless motor and professional camera ensure smooth flight and excellent quality photos.  The devices can be controlled by anyone over the age of 14 – all you need to do is register on the website of the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and pass an online test. Ready for an adventure?

Discover drones with 4K cameras

It's great fun for amateurs, but also a useful tool for creating amazing footage and photos from the skies. Thanks to the 4K camera, you get high-resolution content — 4 times better than Full HD. Use the FPV (First Person View) function and you will see the view from above on your smartphone in real time.

Advanced technology

That is not all! The built-in GPS will allow you to determine your drone's flight route and the easy-to-read display will show its location. There are multiple modes available to you. Check them all out and choose the setting that best suits your needs! “Follow me” will make the drone move behind you with the camera pointed in your direction. It can also circulate around a designated point or over a defined area. The ergonomic control panel and the practical application will help youuse all its possibilities. That way, every flight you take in the skies will always be a success.