Smart & Safe

Smart home — count on devices that don't fail!

A comfortable yet functional home that listens to the needs of its occupants — our smart solutions make it possible! We have created proposals that suggest how to design a smart home to make life better for everyone. Modern technology is at the heart of smart devices. They are connected to a common network so that they can be freely controlled and monitored 24 hours a day. The Smart&Safe category brings together the ideal products for those who dream of a smart home, such as IP cameras, power strips and smart plug sockets.

Remote-controlled monitoring, because for us security is fundamental!

Practical IP cameras (also known as CCTV systems) allow you to remotely observe your property or premises. Why is it worth having them? They are intelligent home security and can also act as an electronic nanny. Wi-Fi connectivity, motion detection and alarm notifications — these are just some of the advantages our smart products offer. In our opinion, a surveillance camera is nowadays an indispensable device that helps to take care of the safety of a flat, workplace or any space where uninvited guests may appear.

Intelligent sockets — double benefit

Have you ever come home to find that you have switched off your iron or other electrical appliance? We have a solution for that! Smart plug strips and sockets are remote-controlled appliance switches that are the basis of a smart home! They also allow you to control energy flow and consumption in real time, so you can save by using electricity ergonomically — it's really easy!