IP cameras

Home and property monitoring set

In this category you will find advanced and easy to use IP cameras  that provide you with a comprehensive view of your flat, garden or car park. In a compact device you will get high parameters — Full HD resolution, H.264 data compression or the night mode function, so accurate images and quality recordings in any weather, day or night. You can store data in the cloud, on a microSD card or on an external drive with a capacity of up to 6 TB (when connected to the DVR). Check out their capabilities!  

Follow the object with Overmax surveillance camera

Our devices are equipped with a special sensor that detects moving objects. You will receive a notification of any such situation so that you can check if something worrying is happening. With Auto Auto Tracking, the camera automatically follows a moving object, and you can track the camera's view on your smartphone with the Overmax Control app.  

Convenient IP cameras with app

Pet owners and parents will appreciate the electronic nanny function – the camera will alert you when it detects sound, allowing you to respond quickly to a crying baby or worried pet. The two-way communication function allows you to talk at a distance. With Wi-Fi connectivity and app support, you can control the camera and view what's happening in your home from anywhere in the world. Take care of your comfort that comes from feeling safe with Overmax cameras!