Guarantee terms and conditions:

  1. BrandLine Group Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Poznań (61-248) at ul. A. Kręglewskiego 1 as a Overmax Guarantor assures that the product works in accordance with maintenance and technical conditions specified in the operating manual.
  2. The guarantee is issued for the period of 24 months from the purchase date. In case the company purchases the product (VAT invoice), the guarantee is issued for the period of 12 months after the purchase date.
  3. The guarantee remains applicable in the country of purchase.
  4. Identified defects shall be removed for free in the guarantee term by the Manufacturer’s Authorized Service Center.
  5. The customer (claimant) is obligated to lodge the complaint through the website: The instructions for reporting the product in question are available on the website.
  6. Potential defects or damage to equipment revealed and reported in the guarantee term shall be eliminated for free within 21 working days, yet in justified cases (importing spare parts from abroad) this period may be extended to include successive 30 days.
  7. Defects or damage to equipment shall be reported, and defective equipment delivered to the service center immediately after they have become visible.
  8. The guarantee for LCD displays, touch screens and storage batteries is 6 months after purchase date.
  9. The guarantee for accessories supplied to the product (e.g. chargers, remote controls, keyboards, mouses, headphones, cables) is 3 months long after purchase date.
  10. In case the complaint is unjustified, the claimant may be required to cover transportation costs.
  11. The customer shall have a right to replace equipment with other with the same or similar technical parameters when the service technician decides that removal of defect is not feasible.
  12. The service center is not held responsible for loss of data in the product in order to make a repair.
  13. The guarantee will be respected only when the product in question is supplied with complaint notification form, all accessories which the customer received upon purchase and proof of purchase specifying the date of sale.
  14. The guarantee does not cover the following: mechanical damage, electrical damage, thermal damage and liquid penetration or intentional damage to equipment and resulting defects, faults, and visual defects arising from use, damage arising from wrong use or at variance with the manual, faults not affecting the proper operation of the product, loss of signal caused by distance from the transmitter or wrong aerial installation or damage to the product which was not delivered to the service center in a safe packaging.
  15. The service center may refuse to eliminate defects in case of damage to warranty seal and traces of unauthorized repair.
  16. When the defect is not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, the service center may suggest providing the service at a fee.
  17. Every device which is subject of complaint is checked by the Authorized Service Center for correct operation.
  18. The Guarantor and Authorized Service Center shall not be held responsible for damage and losses arising from inability to use the product under repair.
  19. Failure to collect the device from the service center within 3 months may result in calculation of storage costs until collection.
  20. Delivery of incomplete equipment or without suitable packaging (original or replacement) is tantamount to failure to satisfy guarantee terms by the buyer may be basis for refusal to repair the equipment or extend the repair period.
  21. The products complained are accepted only if clean and packed in a cardboard box (original or replacement).
  22. If the product was subject of complaint for a few times and every time no defect was found, the consumer may be required to cover evaluation costs.
  23. The product guarantee does not exclude or limit or suspend buyer’s rights arising from the warranty.