RC cars

Exciting rallies with Overmax RC cars

Speed, excitement, sudden twists — are you looking for new entertainment ideas? Try the Overmax RC cars! You can choose from models in various sizes – rally giants in 1:10 scale or sets of smaller vehicles, perfect for racing enthusiasts at home. Remote-controlled off-road cars or sporty-style racers? Choose your favourite!    

Opt for professional solutions at an affordable price!

To make your outdoor entertainment a complete success, choose a vehicle with a range of up to 100 metres, a robust housing, four-wheel drive and an independent suspension system. You will find such models in Overmax's offer! You can handle any route, even the more demanding ones. A long-lasting battery or a set with two rechargeable batteries will extend the time of exciting fun.  

Overmax RC cars – who can control them?

Among Overmax remote-controlled cars you will find models for younger and older operators – from 5, 8 or 14 years old. Start your track adventure at a lower speed – 10 or 20 km/h! For older and more experienced racers there are larger and faster designs that can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h right from the start. Check them out in action!