Overmax X-Strike - RC car

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Overmax X- Strike

What does a little car fan dream about? About their car! Is there a chance to fulfill it before getting a driver's license? Certainly! With a view to minor amateurs of fast, off-road driving, we have created a remote-controlled R/C car Overmax X-Strike. Although we are sure that big boys such a model will also provide a lot of excitement!

Overmax X-Strike — samochód RC
Overmax X-Strike — samochód RC

A car like the real thing

Overmax X- Strike was made in 1:16 scale. The 4x4 car has large, off-road wheels with a height of 8 centimeters and a width of 5 meters, so it will do well during off-road play. Stones, curbs, faults are no problem! And when your child wants to take their favorite car to the beach or sandbox, our model can also handle soft ground. It reaches speeds as high as 45 km/h! In addition, it is equipped with LED lights for great fun even after dusk.

Solid construction

Overmax X-Strike comes with a trimmer to control wheel clearance and toe-in, which guarantees total control over the car and its speed. What else sets our model apart? Control precision and the ability to react to movements instantly. Changing the steering hand will not be a problem either. Overmax X-Strike will turn from a fast race car into an off-road climbing car that can handle many surfaces in seconds. This way, the little ones can let their imagination run wild during playtime and set up their own obstacle course. The whole construction is solid and very sturdy, and with the help of clips with brackets, which were used for installation instead of the classic push-in, you can easily remove and reattach the body. The on/off button is located so that, if necessary, the toy can be quickly turned off without having to remove the body.

Overmax X-Strike — samochód RC
Overmax X-Strike — samochód RC

Extremely powerful battery

Overmax X-Strike has two 1500 mAh, 7.4V lithium batteries that mount to the car with hook-and-loop for easy installation and removal. The power supply is further secured with a special strap. The toy is capable of driving for up to 20 minutes on a single charge (lasting up to 2 hours). The remote control with trimmers runs on AA batteries and has a range of up to 100 meters.

Full set

We made sure that Overmax X-Strike comes with all the necessary components. In addition to the car, you will find a controller, two lithium batteries, a cable for charging them and a tool kit.

 Overmax X-Strike


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