Smart sockets

The smart home for everyone

What's the smart socket for? It is used for the conscious use of electricity, the flow of which you can have full control over from now on. The Overmax Control mobile application enables remote monitoring of power consumption. It will help you minimise your monthly fees. It really is that simple! The smart socket with energy metering will help you manage your entire home efficiently from anywhere.

Multiple sockets and USB inputs — that's the smart strip

Do you need power for several inputs? Overmax Flow Multi Control is the solution you have been looking for. The power strip with 4 sockets and 3 USB ports is ideal as a power source for various equipment, such as an aquarium, hair curler, iron or small household appliances, as well as many other electrical devices that you can switch on and off with your smartphone.

Modern solutions in the palm of your hand and... your voice!

It works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa so you can control your smart devices with your voice. It is a very convenient and practical solution for users who have a busy schedule and like comfortable functionalities in their own home or office. Say a command and turn the light on or off with your voice!