Overmax AD-05 – electrochemical breathalyser

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  • Compact dimensions
  • Precise measurement
  • Free calibration during the warranty period

Compact dimensions

Precise measurement

Easy-to-read signage

This compact breathalyser fits easily into a pocket or car glove compartment.

The equipment is calibrated and ready to use and the platinum electrochemical sensor guarantees accurate results.

The two-colour illuminated strap ensures comfortable use regardless of the time of day.

Overmax AD-05 electrochemical breathalyser – a convenient device for every driver

You are usually the driver and are not always sure if you can drive? Choose a professional and compact breathalyser Overmax AD-05. Its design uses an electrochemical sensor – the same one as the one used in police devices. This way you are guaranteed precise measurement and safety. It's a piece of equipment you can rely on, so it's worth making it a staple in your car. Or perhaps you will present it to your loved ones as well?

Alkomat półprzewodnikowy Overmax AD-05
Alkomat półprzewodnikowy Overmax AD-05

Professional and precise measurement

Only 5 seconds – this is how long it takes Overmax AD-05 to prepare for a test and also 5 seconds you need to get your result. Electrochemical sensor guarantees an accurate result (up to 0.07‰) w in the range from 0.00 to 2.00‰. After a characteristic beep you can read the result. We check and calibrate your breathalyser before shipping!

Colour signalling

The red or green colour of the strip is a clear message to let you know if you can drive. In addition, the backlit LCD screen proves practical when measuring at night. It indicates battery status, readiness for operation and warns when the legal limit for alcohol in exhaled air is exceeded.

Alkomat półprzewodnikowy Overmax AD-05
Alkomat półprzewodnikowy Overmax AD-05

Overmax AD-05 – a practical set

Lightweight and precise, the Overmax AD-05 breathalyser has a long operating time – the automatic switch helps to save batteries (you need 2 × AAA to power it). The set includes 3 mouthpieces. During the 2-year warranty period you can replace the sensor for free. Contact us if you need it!

More Information
Range0,00 - 2,00‰
Display LCD
Power supply2x AAA batteries
Battery level indicatorYes
Sound notificationsYes
Preparation for use5s
Response time5s
CalibrationYes, free calibrations with no limit during the warranty period
Automatic shutdownYes
Airflow sensorYes
Number of mouthpieces included3
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